? Frequently Asked Questions
These are questions we have actually been asked, in interviews, phone calls, letters, visits by agents, RFP's, negotiations, etc.

Q. Will you give us a bid on your fee?
A. We cannot. That would be unethical. See Terms in About File

Q. I have these plans and I just need an engineer's seal. Can you help me out?
A. We cannot seal the work of others. We can offer you our services on the same basis they are offered to any prospective client.

Q. Can I lay out the job and write the specs for you and be assured of getting the order?
A. Get outta here.

Q. Do you give prior approval on substitute material?
A. No, not routinely.

Q. Do you give verbal approval on substitutes?
A. Never.

Q. Would you discriminate against my product if it is equal?
A. No, but we will be the judge of equality.

Q. Do you write base bid specifications?
A. No, not if you mean as the basis for awarding a contract. It would be unethical for us to deprive our client of the advantage of competitive bidding..

Q. Are any of the projects you claim to have done actually the work of a predecessor firm?
A. Before 1974 we were a branch of Zumwalt and Vinther, inc. Our office in Lubbock did the work claimed. We do not claim experience of staff working for others as our firm's experience.

Q. How can I get my stuff specified?
A. Send information. We will consider it for an appropriate application.

Q. When will it be my turn to be specified.
A. We don't do turns. Lowest/best bid wins the contract on our jobs.

Q. Do you pay commissions or finders fees for referrals?
A. No.

Q. Are you affiliated in any way with a supplier or contractor?
A. No, we are independent consulting engineers.

Q. How do you deal with errors and omissions on your plans?
A. Our policy is available to prospective clients.

Q. Have you ever had a claim filed against your firm?
A. Yes: The last claim was dropped in 1994. In the previous 20 years we had 2 subrogation claims which were dropped and a personal injury claim which was settled.

Q. Have you ever filed a lawsuit against a client?
A. No, but we have filed a lien against a project when our fee was not paid.

Q. Do you ever provide services for more than one party on a project?
A. Very seldom, and only with full disclosure and concurrence.

Q. Do you offer services on a contingency basis, that is, you get paid if the project goes?
A. No.

Q. Are your services available for a design-construct, or fast-track project?
A. Yes.

Q. Will you give an exclusive on your services for an advertised RFP?
A. Only in a joint venture.

Q. Do you solicit architectural design commissions?
A. We do not offer architectural design services. If a project is weighted toward engineering, (environmental spaces, maintenance facilities, laboratories, etc.) we will accept a commission. Architectural design for these projects is subcontracted to a qualified architectural firm.

Q. Do you guarantee satisfaction?
A. We cannot guarantee the work of a contractor. We stand behind the services we provide, and will fairly represent the interest our client to the best of our ability.

Q. Which CAD software do you use?
A. PegAEsys, developed in-house.

Q. Can you interface with other CAD software?
A. Yes, if it supports *.DXF or DWG files.