Fanning, Fanning, and Associates inc. Methods:

Analysis of Design:

Design is supported by a substantial software library, much of which has been developed in-house. In addition to the software library, we have access to the extensive engineering program libraries if needed. The programs which we have developed to run inside PegAEsys are typically design aids, analysis algorithms, automated drafting sequences, component sizing routines, code resource routines, symbol and detail generators, etc., numbering in the score, and growing continually. We maintain current the equipment selection software published by most equipment vendors. We also use a number of commercial technical design programs. In addition, we support the common word processors, database managers, and spreadsheets. A formal analysis of design can be submitted if required by the commission.


Professional Engineering Graphics for Architectural and Engineering Systems (PegAEsys) software, an interactive graphics program developed by our staff provides electronic drafting. This is a full implementation of a multi user 3 D CAD system, which features internal file management, reference libraries, special application programs, logical command language, layering, text processing, relational database, etc. All graphics are produced using this system. It is possible for multiple designers to be working on the same sheet simultaneously. DWG file import anf export is utilized for compatibility with other CADD systems. Graphic drawing files remain on the active disk drives during the construction phase of the project. Should changes be required, they will be implemented and the entire affected drawing replotted. This assures the coordination designed into the plans is maintained, and passed on to the contractor. Addenda and changes are posted as they occur, so that when the project is complete, a full set of as-built drawings are already up to date.  Review and Bid documents are issued in PDF format.


Specifications for each project are developed from our master database, then edited using word processing on our microcomputers. The master specifications are continuously monitored and updated. A unique set of specifications is drafted for each project, proofread and electronically edited by the design engineers, formatted to meet each client's instructions, and produced on a letter quality printer.


Means unit cost data has been incorporated into Database format for a unique method of generating quantity based cost estimates. CACES estimates are supported on Corps. of Engineers projects. Other estimating programs are available if needed.

Software Development:

Technical software development is a part of our history. Some milestones along the way have been: