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Special Projects



Medical Projects

Covenant Health, Lubbock, Texas:

The projects include a three story addition atop an eight story hospital wing, a new Children's Hospital, a Medical Office building, an outpatient Imaging Center, an addition to the Cancer Treatment Center, a 1600 ton off site Central Plant with utility distribution tunnel, a Parking Garage, a Conference Center, a Patient Care Center, Child Care Center, and other additions. Energy features includes a waterside economizer, variable speed pumping, and high efficiency centrifugal water chillers. Designed by FFA Inc.: $ 20.0 million MPE construction. We have designed MPE for more than 100 projects since 1964 for Covenant Hospital.

Other Medical Facilities for which we have provided engineering services include:
  • St. Mary of the Plains Clinics at Lubbock, Hereford, Snyder, Lamesa, and others.
  • TTU Health Science Center ... (Multiple projects - Additions and renovations)
  • Covenant Hospital, Plainview Tx ... (Major renovation)
  • Cogdill Memorial Hospital, Snyder Tx ... (Birthing Suite)
  • Big Spring State Hospital MHMR, Big Spring, Tx ... (Remodel several buildings)
  • VA Hospital, Big Spring TX...(Remodel floors, New heating/cooling plant)
  • VA Hospital, Amarillo Tx ... (Remodel)
  • South Park Hospital, Lubbock, Tx ... (Surgery, Birthing Suite, Chiller, Water Heating...)
  • Lubbock State School MHMR, Lubbock, Tx ... (Replace all chillers, Gas Utilities, Emergency Generators)
  • Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland Tx ... (Major additions and remodel - 12 projects)
  • Highland Hospital, Lubbock Tx ... (CAT Scan, Renovations)
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    Commercial - Retail
    * United Supermarkets:

    We worked with this company to develop a prototype supermarket which could be site adapted to other locations. We prepared the layout drawings for the store equipment, drafted the architectural and structural drawings, and designed the MPE work. There have been more than 20 stores built using this approach, from 35000 sf to 64000 sf., each adapted to the site. Elements of the new designs have been adapted to retrofit projects in existing stores. These include departments for Bakery, Deli, Pharmacy, Floral and others.  This store is at 82nd street and Boston Ave. in Lubbock, Texas

  • Furrs Cafeterias: 20 projects
  • Town and Country Convenience Stores
  • J C Penny
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Furrs Supermarkets
  • + numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and retail stores

  • .
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    Murphy Armory - Lubbock, Texas

    Combined building for Texas National Guard, Army, Navy, and Marine reserve with vehicle maintenance facilities.
    Projects at the following sites:
  • Goodfellow AFB, Tx
  • Cannon AFB, Nm ...
  • Reese AFB, Tx 
  • Holloman AFB, Nm ...
  • Kirtland AFB, Nm ...
  • Dyess AFB, Tx...
  • Ft. Hood, Tx
  • Ft. Bliss, Tx . . .
  • Pantex DOE, Amarillo Tx ... (20+ projects)
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    Primary and Secondary Schools:

  • Lubbock Independent School District
  • Clovis, New Mexico
  • Portales, New Mexico
  • Lubbock - Cooper Independent School Dist
  • Big Spring, Texas
  • Midland, Texas
  • Snyder, Texas
  • + in New Mexico - - Roswell, Vaughn, Estancia, Ft. Sumner, Hobbs, San Jon, Carrizozo, and others
  • + in Texas - - Austin, Odessa, Ozona, Sanderson, Iraan, Three Way, Idalou, Amarillo, Canadian and others

  • Institutions of Higher Learning

    200+ Projects at Texas Tech.  Following are examples:


  • Texas Tech University - 200+ projects .
  • Lubbock Christian University - 6 projects .
  • Howard College - (6 projects).
  • West Texas A&M University - 4 projects: Old Main, Student Center
  • Eastern New Mexico University -(Performing Arts Theatre).
  • Western Texas College ... (Student Center)
  • Cisco Junior College ... (Multiple projects)
  • New Mexico Military Institute  (Toles Learning Resource Center)
  • New Mexico Junior College - (Central Refrigeration Plant)
  • Odessa Junior College (Cosmetology Lab) ..
  • .
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    Office Buildings, Public Buildings, and Similar Projects

  • Plains Capital Bank, Lubbock Tx - 6 Projects .
  • American State Bank, Lubbock Tx ... (Branch)
  • NCNB Lubbock, Tx ... (Addition, Remodel, Data Processing)
  • Lubbock National Bank, Lubbock Tx ... (Addition)
  • United Supermarket Corporate Headquarters ... (New Building)
  • Post Offices in Lubbock (4), Midland, Andrews, ... (New Buildings)
  • Court Rooms in Lubbock, Midland, Morton, Amarillo, ...
  • Offices buildings in Lubbock, Tx: Court Place, Cox Cable, Lee Lewis Construction...
  • Offices buildings in Midland, Tx: Blanks, Cox, Hightower (2), Globe Exploration, ...
  • Telephone projects for Southwestern Bell, GTE: (60 + projects)
  • Lubbock Airport Terminal Addition .
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    Texas Tech University:

    United Spirit Arena:

    The new $65 million arena has a seating capacity of more than 17000 for Big 12 basketball competition, concerts, and other functions. The initial stage of construction included the utility tunnel capable of deliverng 100 psig steam, 2000 tons of chilled water and other services. This contract was awarded early and was completed concurrent with the excavation phase. If the tunnel had not been completed before construction began, access to the building site would have been severely hampered.
    Fanning Fanning and Associates, inc. designed the fire protection and plumbing elements of the building.

    Athletic Training Facility:

    The design challenge for this building was our magnificent summer sunshine. The translucent dome allowed a high heat gain in the summer, and presented a snow loading problem in the winter. .The ventilation system is as unique as the structure; it is designed for a 135000 CFM automatic fresh air vent cycle which permits comfortable sports activity on a 103 degree day in July, the condition on the day the dome was first inflated. There are a total of 8 air handlers, any one of which can maintain inflation pressure, and 3 of them are on an emergency generator.
    Some of our other projects for the Texas Tech athletic department include:


    * Lubbock Municipal Coliseum:

    This 10000 seat facility constructed in 1956 was never air conditioned. This limited the practical usability to winter months. A controversy over this project ended when the proposal to build a new multipurpose arena was voted down. We were then able to design an air conditioning system of 900 ton capacity for $1.16 million, well within the budget. Elements of the design included an interface with the district heating and cooling system of the adjacent university and negotiating the terms for purchasing cooling effect while maintaining complete independence of systems.

    Other sports related projects:
  • Swimming Pool Projects ... (6)
  • Tennis Courts ... (6)
  • Gymnasiums ... (12 +)
  • Football Field Projects ... (6+)
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    Carillon in Lubbock is our most complex residential client. This photograph shows a panoramic view of the campus taken from the 5th floor of Windsong, the upscale apartment building. The original 4 story dormitory type building is across the parking lot. The white building is Carillon House, a skilled nursing facility under construction. To the right are the grade level living units. Neil Chapel is in the center of the picture.
    The first private residence we engineered was for Mr. Clarence Scarbauer in Midland, Texas about 1957. As I recall it was a double duct air conditioning design with 28 zones. There were 9 bath rooms on the first floor. The trophy room was 2 story with a balcony. It is to this day very impressive.
    We designed last the MPE for the John Yates ranch residence 90 miles west of Artisia, Nm. The site was in the mountains and very remote. The plan included an indoor pool, a whirlpool, and a constant temperature wine vault. An oil fired steam boiler with 10,000 gallon storage was used for heat and energy for the 25 ton absorption water chiller. The generator / heating / cooling plant was disguised as a gazebo.
    Our private residential experience is limited to about a dozen remarkable homes between the dates of these projects.
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    Southcrest Baptist, Lubbock, Tx
    (Complete new church plant and addition)

    Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Lubbock, Texas

    St. Luke’s Methodist Church, Lubbock, Texas

    Second Baptist Church, Lubbock Tx.
    (Complete new church plant and addition)
    First Church of the Nazarene, Lubbock, Tx
    (Major addition - 2 full court gyms, kitchen, classrooms)
    Carillon Chapel, Lubbock Tx (New)
    First Baptist Church, Clovis Nm. (Air condition)
    First Baptist Church, Lubbock Tx (Remodel, New air conditioning)
    First Methodist Church, Lubbock Tx . (Chiller, Thermal Storage)
    First Christian Church, Lubbock Tx (Chiller)
    First Methodist Church, Midland Tx
    (Sanctuary, Chapel, Gym, additions...Thermal storage)
    First Baptist Church, Midland Tx (Multiple Additions)
    First Baptist Church, Odessa, Tx . (Remodel, Addition)
    First Baptist Church, Floydada, Tx (Sanctuary, Remodel)
    Westminister Presbyterian, Lubbock Tx
    (Original building, Addition, Sanctuary, New Air conditioning)

    +Over 200 commissions for projects involving worship facilites:

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    Other industrial projects:
  • New Deal Feed Mill
  • Breedlove Dehydration Plant
  • Windecker Research
  • HE Decontamination
  • Bigham Brothers Manufacturing
  • Mid-America Milk Processing Plant
  • Bell Dairy Off-load Bay
  • B1-B Weapons Load Crew Training Facility
  • + more than a dozen Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
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    Texas Tech University Electrical Secondary. 
    This project was phased over several months and used 7 Electrical Bid Packages. Electrical construction cost was $2 million. The aging 4160 volt service was replaced with a 12 KV underground primary on a very large dispersed university campus without disrupting service.
    Texas Tech University District Heating and Cooling Tunnels
    These projects extended the tunnel distribution systems for the campus. Tunnels originate from CHACP-1 and three branches loop the campus. Tunnels distribute 16,000 tons of chilled water through 30" mains, 100 Psig steam through 16" mains, demineralized water, compressed air, and other services.
    Replace Gas Mains - Goodfellow AFB, Texas
    This project replaced, extended, and resized the natural gas distribution for the entire base.
    Replace Sewers - Cannon AFB, Nm
    This project provides for replacing the sewer mains for Mercury and Gemini Housing.
    Replace Sewers and Water Mains - Quarters Indian Health Service, Crown Point, NM.
    Complete replacement for residential area.while occupied.
    Replace Gas Lines - Lubbock State School, Lubbock, Texas
    This project replaced, extended, and resized the natural gas distribution for the entire campus.
    Replace Underground Electrical Primary, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.
    Total replacement over multiple projects of the aging 4160 volt system

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    Historic Preservation
    St. Paul of the Plains

    Other historic buildings which we have retrofitted include:

    See Special Projects for reclamation of buildings which were not considered historically significant.

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    Special Projects:
    Some of our most interesting commissions do not fit into standard categories:
  • High Explosive Synthesis Project, USDOE, Pantex Plant Tx
  • A prototype facility for manufacturing plastic explosives from solvents.
  • HFC Refrigeration Change Project, TTU, Lubbock, Tx
  • Retrofit a 3000 ton steam turbine drive chiller for R-134a
  • Passive Cooling Application, Pan American Building, Monahans, Tx
  • Circulating evaporative cooled air through building cavities for radiant cooling effect.
  • Loan Star Energy Studies
  • Everything from delamping to water side economizers.
  • Godbold Cultural Center
  • Reclaimed an abandoned hospital/hotel/club and made it the art showplace of Lubbock.
  • Lubbock City - County Health Unit
  • Reclaimed an abandoned auto garage and made it a state-of-the-art clinic.
  • Lubbock City Hall
  • Reclaimed an abandoned department store and made it into first class administrative space.
  • Clovis Nm School Administration Building
  • Reclaimed an abandoned grocery store and made it into first class administrative space.
  • OmniMax Theatre - Science Spectrum, Lubbock, Tx
  • Reclaimed an abandoned freight office and made it the science showplace of Lubbock. An addition houses the much acclaimed OmniMax theatre and auxiliary functions.
  • + dozens of other unusual projects
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    Project Experience:
    More than 5000 commissions since 1956.
    A partial list of clients and project types with example follows:
    Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Tx        100+ projects   Physical Plant Addition 
    Texas Mental Health - Mental Retardation   20+ projects   Physical Plant Addition 
    Texas Department of Transportation         20+ projects   Physical Plant Addition 
    Buckner's Benevolence, Dallas, Tx           8  projects   Truitt Campus Quads 
    Big Spring State Hospital, Big Spring, Tx  10  projects   Central Plant summer boiler 
    U.S. Dept. of Energy, Pantex Amarillo, Tx  24  projects   Dehumidify Bldg. 12-31, 33 
    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - various sites  15  projects   Memphis TN Cotton Classing Lab 
    United Supermarkets Tx                     20+ projects   Wichata Falls Texas Store 
    TTU Health Science Center                  30+ projects   Pod D Mechanical Room 
    Covenant Hospital Lubbock, Tx             100+ projects   Heart Institute 
    Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland, Tx      7  projects   Parking Garage 
    Goodfellow AFB, Tx                         10+ projects   Rehabilitate HVAC Bldg. 519 
    Plains National Bank, Lubbock, Tx           8  projects   Data Processing 
    Schools - various                         300+ projects   Air Condition Lubbock Hi 
    Churches - various                        200+ projects   First Methodist Midland 
    Office Building Projects                   30+ projects   United Supermarket Corp. HQ 
    Tunnels and Utility Projects               20+ projects   New gas mains - GAFB 
    Cafeterias                                 15+ projects   Furrs Lubbock 
    U.S. Postal Facilities                      6  projects   Lubbock Main PO 
    Fire Stations                               6  projects   Lubbock, Tx 
    Correctional Facilities                    10  projects   Curry County Correctional 

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    Innovative engineering concepts which have been developed or improved:
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    Construction Phase Services

    Engineering services can be provided for the construction phase of a project. These services include periodic observations, witnessing tests, checking pay estimates, record drawings, checking contractor's draw, interpreting contract documents, commissioning, and preparing preventive maintenance manuals.